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Drivers are required to meet all of the state and federal standards and to complete additional training as may be required by the Commonwealth. This includes, but is not limited to: a full and complete annual physical examination, any required waivers within their yearly cycle, and drug and alcohol testing. Drivers should carry a CDL License, current physician card, and an S- Endorsement on their persons when on duty.

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  • Regular / Full-Time Drivers: These drivers are those that have a full-time daily run. Once a driver is assigned to a full-time route, that driver will be that route’s driver until the route is either discontinued or the driver gives the route up.
  • Spare – Temporary / Part-Time Drivers: These drivers are those that DO NOT have a full-time run. These drivers usually fill in for drivers that are off work and also take trips so that regular drivers do not have to leave the route.
  • Driver Aides (Assistants): These employees are those that ride to assist a regular/ full-time driver in child care and/or discipline of students.


  • CDL Reimbursement Policy: For those drivers with a full-time route, upon license renewals, you will be reimbursed thirty-eight dollars ($38.00) toward the additional cost above a regular driver’s license fee. This does NOT include new employees gaining their CDL License for the first time. New employees will be responsible to pay for their first license.
  • Finder Fee Policy: Any driver who recommends someone for a job that has never driven a school bus before and they are hired and drive full-time for six (6) months; the person that recommended that driver will receive a check for one hundred dollars ($100.00) as a finder fee. If a driver recommends someone that is already licensed, and they drive for The Company full-time for the period of six (6) months, then the person recommending that driver will receive a check for two hundred dollars ($200.00) as a finder fee.
  • Physical Examination Policy: Standard physicals and clearance are at NO COST to an employee.  Make-up date and times are set up by the company for anyone not able to attend the selected datesHowever, if the physical is taken at another time than when the Annual Physicals are taken, the employee will have to pay the extra cost and must also go to The Company’s designated physician(s).